Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Around The House

A few pictures of the facilities I'm beginning to use more and more at CJ International Dormitory:

The iCafe
CNN in the morning on TV. There are also PC and MAC comps with internet for you to use on the left.
I like the ceiling -- a collage of KU's past significant eventsFor lunch, you have to tell the lady in the kitchen what you want. They only have 2 types of sandwiches for both breakfast and dinner: Tuna and Chicken Bacon Club (3 layers of bread). She makes it fresh for you and even (lovingly) cuts off the crusts!
The gym! It wasn't open when I took this picture, which is why it looks so dark. I like the fact that it's hardly used (at least when I'm there at 8AM) so I can hop from one piece of equipment to the next without waiting. All the treadmills and bikes have TVs connected to them. You gotta bring your own headphones. I love watching SBS or KBS ('cause they play the latest music videos and performances in HQ - I've only watched them on YouTube before!) so much that I always stay on much longer than I intend to because I can't pry myself away!
Very clean -- I believe the guy at the desk wipes down all the equipment for us after every session. The gym is only open in the morning (like 7-9AM, 6-10PM).Going to make a trip to Home Plus after dinner today. It's my turn to lug the pack of 36 toilet paper rolls back to my dorm room.


  1. I love how everything is so clean!
    WELL whether Im staying w/ my coworkers sister or not you'll still come pick me up right?!?!?!?
    I'm going to email them about booking a cell phone so I should be able to give you my number ahead of time !!!
    I am so excited.
    Its April first.
    ONE MONTH, it feels so unreal.
    HOw did the travel agency go? Is it really expensive oO cause it would be so much fun to go *sigh*

  2. hi just wanted to say thanks for all your posts about life in korea. i'm going to be at KU as an exchange student beginning in the fall and your blog has been really informative :)