Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home Plus

A bunch of us did a spontaneous shop at Home Plus after dinner, today. Home Plus is a huuuuuuge one-stop 4-story store operated by Samsung and Tesco that's a lot like Walmart except it has a muuuuch BIGGER variety!

When you walk in, you're greeted with a bunch of food vendors -- fast food, snack food, ice cream, dinner-food.. you name it!
They have a supermarket in the basement -- tons of fruit and vegetables (mostly very expensive.. an avocado is 3,500won each = approx. $3.10CDN).. but I got a huge 1kg plastic container of cherry tomatoes for $3CDN! They also sell a ton of marinated meat... and sales ladies are always yelling at you. interesting fish.
This is in the "kept-cold" department with the flavoured coffee drinks I love so much on the left and a part of a huge selection of processed cheese on the right. Koreans love processed cheese. They have so many more flavours than we do... camembert.. havarti... but they don't sell any actual cheese slices.
They also have a love for Spam.
Sales galore.
I bought cereal to eat in the morning... copy cat of Kelloggs
Soju in the alcohol department... 6 bottles for 6,000won (like 86centsCDN each!!)
On the 3rd floor are electronics and home appliances.
Their fridges are so pretty (and girly) and a lot of them have mini compartments you can access from the outside.
Pretty washer and dryers at not so pretty prices...
Pretty mini stove tops...
They have pets... right next to these bunnies were dwarf hamsters.. and 3 high school girls were crowding around going "Otoke!?!?" (meaning "How" or "What to do"). A baby dwarfie had died! Now, I have strong sentiments towards dwarfies having owned quite a few in high school... and I was completely mortified! The pet sales man, as entertainment, took the dead dwarf and bonked almost all the other adult dwarfies on the head with it on purpose! HOW HEARTLESS + IMMATURE!! I couldn't believe it!
A decent variety of clothes and accessories:
Cosmetics from well-known cosmetic lines you see on every block outside of the store such as Skin Food, The Face Shop, and Laneige.
More sales!
They also sell sporting goods and have travel agencies, a stationary department, restaurants, a gourmet bakery, nail salons, hair salons, photo department, furniture, video games and CDs, a bookstore, and pharmacy. It's pretty amazing. There are store clerks everywhere. A lot of them were just standing around talking, but the aisles were extremely tidy and the whole store looked organized and clean. I thought we would only spend an hour looking for food considering it was our second visit but we ended up staying there for almost 3! My popsicles melted...


  1. wah!
    asian supermarkets are so fun... they make T&T PALE in comparison! of course T&T is geared towards food, but they still have quite a few non-food items!
    oohh i'd love to try all those processed cheese!! havarti in processed?! NEAT-o.......too bad you cant mail cheese XD even tho it would fit nicely in an envelope...hahahaha

  2. they sell bunnies in a supermarket? isn't that kind of unsanitary?

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