Friday, March 20, 2009


I have a thing for bows. I have bow earrings, a bow ring, bow headband, bows on shoes...
I saw a YouTube tutorial to make this hairstyle. It's inspired by Lady Gaga.
I don't have as much hair (or skill) so this is my version! Bow in the front
Bun in the back.Korean girls and women have amazing grooming skills. They never seem to have a hair out of place and their hair always looks shiny and non-frizzy! The two most popular hairstyles for females under 30 are wavy/curly perms (for long and short hair... around 60% of the girls seem to have their hair permed this way), and having a large bun on the top of their head.


  1. my hair is so not long enough to do something like that!! i want!!!
    my korean coworkers told me to perm my hair in korea HAHAHAH they were like it's so cheap you should do it! HAHAH

  2. omgosh! it's adorable! hahaha
    at the same time i can't help but stare and kind of laugh at it...because i've never seen anything like it on you!

  3. actually, now i'm thinking...if you had enough hair, you could make them big enough and far apart enough to look like minnie mouse! couple that w/ the sweatshirt and tada! hahaha