Thursday, March 26, 2009


I've been listening to this song on repeat:
Tiffany - 나 혼자서 By Myself (OST)
Tiffany is one of 9 members of the popular SM Entertainment all-girl group, So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD, 소녀시대 AKA Girls' Generation). She's also one of two members who was raised in California so she's fluent in English. The group has a very feminine, doll-like, and cutesy concept that I'm not too fond of, but they do churn out some catchy songs. Tiffany's voice has improved so much since their debut in 2007 so I was very impressed when I heard this song (her first solo)!
Check out my new fridge!
I'm going for the industrial, minimalist look. It's my window sill! It's made of metal so it keeps cold all day and all night and it's very easily accessible (next to my desk) haha... sometimes you just gotta get creative when there's no space in the actual refrigerator...
I did another quick grocery shop -- got a couple more jeuk bowls (abalone + veggie) to try for lunch for when I'm in a rush, a few vegetable drinks... trying to be healthy here..AND the super popular Korean convenience store drink, banana milk! [Banana phone]
I was hesitant to try this because I don't usually like bananas and it looked like the banana-flavoured antibiotics I took when I was young
... but I like this! It's the #1 drink sold at convenience stores -- it even outsold cigarettes (shocking)!
The stubby bottle apparently resembles a traditional kimchi pot (or a hand grenade...). It was created over 20 years ago because many Koreans thought that regular milk tasted funny. They also have strawberry flavoured milk, chestnut milk, and taro milk. Kids love this drink. Kumbae! lol


  1. LOL hand grenade. what a funny entry :P
    "going for industrial, minimalist look" hahaha. go you. does it actually keep cold, considering you have your heat up to like 30degrees? :P
    wow you're brave, even i wouldnt try that banana drink! shudder :S

  2. haha the window is always cold no matter what! Plus, at night (when we have the heat on), the curtains keep the coldness in. Tbh, it's not AS cold as a fridge would be, but it keeps my stuff from going bad which is all I ask.