Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Talk about fickle weather! Remember how it was 20 degrees just a few days ago? Well, today it was SNOWING (very lightly.. but it was still snow!) and -3 degrees!!!!! Thank goodness I bought a coat...
Had a great time hanging out with some KUBA buddies today. YeJin + KS treated me out for puldak (which literally translates into fire chicken) and a short round of noraebang (they sing well) around campus. The restaurant (or shikdang as I just learned yesterday) specialized in puldak. Puldak is a really spicy chicken dish. I could only eat a few pieces and even so, I downed 3/4 of the communal water mug! KS is wearing a plastic glove in the picture... we were all given one. You use it to mix up the rice with seaweed and roll it into a ball to eat! We were also given a steamed egg dish. Quite an interesting experience -- I had no idea such thing existed!
Then YeJin, Ji Hee, K, F, Gina, and I went to watch He's Just Not That Into You at the Wara Wara theatre.
They have assigned seating here! We all sat in the last row. Cute movie, a few laughs, good ending, but not one to watch again.

OH -- today was the final baseball game of the season. It was Korea vs. Japan! The game was showing on every TV on campus.. and in front of each TV screen were at least 3 dozen students, necks craned, mouths open, eyes glazed over. In buildings without a public TV, students crowded around the security booth, trying to peek at the score on a 10 inch TV hahaha It was even being showed on the shuttle bus! I heard some classes were canceled so that the professors could watch. At the end, Japan won. So sad... so sad...

Anyway, I just got back 15 minutes ago and have to brainstorm ideas for tomorrow's Marketing case study. My group has a 15 page (max) essay due on Monday!

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  1. Yea, I keep thinking if scarlet johanson's entire story was cut out I might watch it again. I highly enjoy justin long and ginnifer goodwin + jennifer aniston and ben affleck (AND I'm usually not a ben affleck fan!)