Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Sweet Life

Happy White Day!

Unlike Western culture, South Koreans (informally) celebrate "love" on three occasions:
Valentine's Day (February 14th) is when girls give their boyfriends, significant others, or even crushes candy (usually chocolate) and gifts.
On White Day (one month after, March 14th), guys reciprocate! Guys give girls chocolate and/or gifts. I think guys have the better end of the deal because they get to sit back and see which girls go out of their way to buy them something the month before... much less pressure for guys here than back home!
THEN there's Black Day on April 14th! Black Day is for singles and for those who did not receive any chocolate on Valentine's/White Day hahah! It's tradition for these singles to group together and eat Jajangmyeon (noodles covered in black bean sauce) in a Chinese restaurant. My goodness -- those restaurants must make a killing on that day!

Anyway, I don't have any pictures, but yesterday I noticed a lot of guys lining up at convenience stores buying last-minute boxes of Ferrero Rochers, giant teddy bears, and other goodies! Reminds me of Christmas Eve...


Everywhere I go, Koreans always seem to be eating something. A lot of the time, it's these dessert waffles and they seem to eat it at any time of the day!
On my way to class - right outside campus. This shop is constantly busy! Can you guess what time it was? 10AM. And it was around 2 degrees.
72 varieties - almost all under 1,500won ($1.35CDN)
When you order, you just tell them the number of your order in Korean. You're not allowed to ask any questions. Then you would get a number written on a Korean poker card and wait 5 minutes.
Tada! I had a plain waffle with green tea and mango ice cream for dessert =)


    I want one! LOL I think I would fit right in, eating all day, dessert at 10AM HAHAHA

  2. omg yum
    can you name all the fillings that are in the pic? the bottom right one looks mmmmm...

  3. haha Nad -- that one is whipped cream w/ chocolate. I'm gonna get a whipped cream one next time! The other ones are ice cream I think, I can't remember

  4. sniffle.
    i dont care about the design stuff! just ship me some of those waffles............CHOMP