Thursday, April 2, 2009


Had a shameless SM day with Tiffany after school today haha
We both went to Apgujeong to eat --
They have a lot of neat restaurants and they're so randomly scattered. For this one, you have to take the elevator down and it's located in between a gas station and a bank.
Apgujeong has a lot of nice, chic restaurants way out of our price range...
so we ended up going to a Korean restaurant. Even so, they added a 3,000 fee/person for the 'setting fee'.. whatever that meant. Not the greatest picture, but one wall was a full mirror with a bunch of autographs.
We chose bulgogi (beef) in some sort of soy sauce.
After we've picked off almost everything from the pot, the server asked us if we wanted any rice. We nodded and she came back and mixed the rest of the sauce in the pot with rice for us! It was super delish -- best appies I've had, too =)
Then we walked to every sing, which is a noraebang (singing room) that's owned and managed by SM Entertainment (one of the most popular and successful talent agency/producer/publisher of Korean pop). I would say that you can credit over 40% of today's popular music (the ones that make it on the radio) to SM! The three most popular SM groups as of right now are SNSD (the 9 member girl group), DBSK (my fav. Dong Bang Shin Ki - 5 members), and Super Junior (13 member boy group).
When we saw girls in high school uniforms, we knew we were getting close haha
Reception + a clean, stream-lined lounge area
Equipped with tons of seating, cased autograph CDs, a music video viewing lounge...
Magazines, macs with internet, autographed photos of the artists (the ones against the window are of the DBSK members and are 300,000won each).
You can buy stamps designed by the members from DBSK haha... 2,000won each
More autographs if you're into that sort of thing:
Once we paid for an hour of noraebang (cost 15,000won for the smallest room with a 10% off coupon which was quite reasonable), we were ushered into an elevator which brought us downstairs. We were then greeted by the staff in the basement and led to the room.
haha we had fun singing our hearts out (shameless I tell you!) to both English + Korean songs. They actually gave us an extra hour to sing for free =)
A glimpse of inside + some high school girls dancing...

The cafe connected to every sing. Then Tiff wanted to see the SM building which was a few blocks away... it's often frequented by SM artists. It's located on the main street pretty much right next to The Galleria (like a Holt Renfrew)... but it was just a dirty cream building with bunch graffiti all over it lol

Yay weekend!!!!


  1. Did u actually see any SM artists??

  2. KoreanWannabexD: no I didn't see any that day, but I saw many during my stay in Korea. You gotta catch them after their shows on Sundays

  3. Haha this is a weird question but what do you do if you happen to see some idols, eg: SNSD and you want their autograph and picture?
    Do you just go " Hey Girls Generation! Im a big fan of yours from so and so . Can I have a autograph and a picture taken?? LOL

  4. Wow.: haha you could, I'm sure they get a lot of that. You could ask them a question about themselves? haha if you look exotic (ie. not asian), they sometimes come up to you and ask you where you're from in their best English.