Monday, March 30, 2009

A Korean Twist

I changed the songs on right hand side to ones more current (they both came out last week). I especially love the song sang by Davichi. I can't believe I've never given them the time of day before! They're 2 really talented, charismatic singers!

The street I walk down every day is now zig zagged with lanterns. It's especially pretty at night when they're all lit up. Apparently it's to celebrate something religious... like perhaps a Buddhist holiday.
Had gamjatang for the first time today! It's a savoury soup made with pork bones, vegetables and hot peppers (though it's not very spicy). "The backbones of swine have abundant nutrition of protein, calcium, vitamine B1 which can help the growth of young children. For male, it's advantageous for stamina food and for female, gamjatang can be low calorie food." You use your chopsticks to clean the meat off the bone (spine). I think my daddy would enjoy this. It reminds me of when he makes his yummy pork bone broth... [I miss homecooked meals!]
Everything (and I mean everything) in Korea has some sort of Korean twist to it. Pizza has sweet potatoes and canned corn on it. When you order steak from The Outback Steakhouse (an American/Australian chain), it comes with a side of kimchi. Their Coca Cola definitely tastes different. I haven't been to their McDonalds yet, but apparently it's a bit different too.
Baskin Robbins in Korea has their own twist, too. Not sure about the taste of the ice cream as I never have Baskin Robbin's ice cream at home, but they advertise Boys Over Flowers everywhere (Gu Jun Pyo!)!
And I don't think we would see such cute cakes at the Baskin Robbins in Vancouver! So Korean-ized...Speaking of Boys Over Flowers, I saw these @ Build-A-Bear on the way to Lotte World - the Boys Over Flowers character stuffed animals! They're all dressed in the preppy school uniforms the characters in the drama wore. The lamb in the middle is the most well-known out of them all - a friendship stuffie.
I don't usually go for these things, but I have my eyes set on Latte Teddy... he's cuuuuuute. I might get him lambie's uniform as a souvenir! haha


  1. Hello!
    I have been following your "Seoul-Sarang" blog ever since you started, as I have been reading Adoration for a very long time.
    You look like you are having an amazing time in South Korea! I wish I could visit too :)
    I love your blog especially because you post about all of the things that I am interested in and the things that I would love to see when I come to Seoul (one day!); fashion, Boys over Flowers, Korean music, food etc. etc.
    I check your blog everyday, so keep posting please! I love reading about your adventures <3
    ~ Jem

  2. I <3 Lollipop and 8282 as well!!
    I think i started listening to DaVichi after I saw the clip of them and tae yeon and sun ye singing stand up for love

  3. omg i have to go eat ice cream now. haha!

    and their ice cream cakes are SO CUTE!!! <3 :)

    go to my site, and listen to K.Will + Tiffany.
    I AM IN LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE w/ that song.
    Seriously. cannot wait till the mv tomorrow.

  5. JEM: Thanks for commenting! Where are you from? I'm glad we have the same interests ^^ Who is your favourite BoF character??

  6. You're welcome Natalie ^^
    I actually live in NS, Canada, but I am originally from England <3
    My favourite character is Yi jeong, but I also love Ge eul. Their relationship is so sweet ^^
    I can't help but love all of F4 and Jan di though.
    ~ Jem