Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I just got back and it's pretty late and I've got school tomorrow morning so I'll make this short. No people-pictures, but I had a great day: fun classes (Korean language and marketing - more about school tomorrow), great chats, met more international students (so nice), ate Indian food at a restaurant just outside of campus called Otsal (not bad)
with Bich, Michelle, Julie, Kayla, Flo, and Chelsea (a KUBA buddy) (unbeknownst to us until 15 min after were seated, we realized we were in the wrong restaurant.. a cafe/pub.. as the actual restaurant was closed on another floor.. so, not to be too rude, we downed 2 Cass beers to share [yes, beer on empty stomachs] and left to eat at Otsal), and hilarious stories in S&F's dorm....

More campus pictures
The building you see from the main gates:
Next to the Samsung Memorial Hall:
A graduate building (I pass this building a lot)
LG Posco Business building (where I take Marketing Management and Management Accounting):
Main library entrance:
My new school agenda! I can't believe this book was only 2,500won ($2CDN) 'cause I think it's pretty snazzy being all engraved and such... esp. compared to the free coil agendas I receive back @ SFU.
Zzzzz goodnight!


  1. wah! so nicely designed that agenda!!!! very nice.
    mmm you're making me crave some naan... or butter chicken.. yum...

    wats that big red thing? is it a hugeee cloth banner of some sorts? i guess that's your mascot? hmm i wonder what it's covering..

  2. Wow that is one nice agenda...I want one! Why can't we make pretty agenda's like that.


    So as my preparation to see you continues, I have another ILSC student who's going back to Korea in April and he's like when you get there I can be a tour guide...LOL

    It's kinda hilarious. I didn't know I knew so many people till I started thinking about who I can see when I get to a chance to visit Korea.

    But I'm pretty sure I'll devote most of my time to you! LOL Since one of the student's doesn't live in Seoul =( he lives in DaeGu, he said he might travel out to see me, but who knows

  3. yea yea yea!!!! cass beer!!!! hahaha!! :D