Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oso Oseyo!! (Welcome)

Koreans definitely know how to party.

I just came back from a welcoming party for foreign exchange students organized by KUBA. It was held in the cafeteria in the Student Union Building. Julie, Kayla, Flo, and I didn't go clubbing afterward b/c a certain someone passed out lol

First, we all paid 10,000won to attend the welcoming party which was a bit of a bust because I came a bit late (like 10 minutes...) and all the food was gone and the sound system didn't work (they played bits and parts of really good songs - I knew them all!) so it didn't end up being much of a party. We all got a can of beer and got to go to our own group table to converse, eat, and drink. Then we sang happy birthday to my roomie's friend, Annie, and "danced". Here are 2 clips of KUBA people dancing to (click on the red) SNSD's latest hit "Gee", and my group leader dancing to Wonder Girls' "Tell Me".

I tried Korean makkoli for the first time at the party. It's a traditional alcoholic drink made of rice. It looks like soy milk and has a bit of a weird sweetness to it.. I don't like it at all. There's a makkoli song! LOL it's really long and funny and everyone sang it before we drank it.

Some people made me feel really underdressed!
YeJin, me, Natalya, KyungSu, and (Idon'tknowhowtospellhernamefromJapan)
German, Lavin, TY, Wong, and meThe guy on the left is nicknamed "Jan Di" after the main girl from this super popular Korean drama called Boys Over Flowers. I don't know his real name -- I always call him Jan Di. With oh-so-cute Mami and Miho.
KS, Mami, Nick, Kayla, Julie, and "Jan Di"
Azumi, Yoko (she's hilarious and loves beer lol), Julie
Olivia love
Two hours later, groups 6, 7, and 8 walked 4 blocks to an underground pub called Macigo (which means "drink", apparently). Again, we paid 10,000won for all-you-can-drink beer and soju.
A is for Aardvark...
You can write on paper in the washroom stall...
Nick, Ji Yeon, YeJin, James
Just a glimpse of inside... taking a break (oh wow YouTube totally ruins the quality...)

Everyone (including myself) had an absolutely fantastic time at Macigo!! Some of us have already made plans to do this again next Saturday =)

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  1. WOW!! talk about a dirty pencil!!!! hehe

    one of your friends looks like he's right out of a kdrama!!! <3 ehehe!