Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today, most of KUBA's Group 8 met up at Chungmuro subway station to visit some Korean traditional houses in the Namsangol Hanok Village.
It was sort of windy and cold so I bought this hot red bean milk drink from the convenience store called p'at' duyo. This is where they hold traditional wedding ceremonies.
We played games -- we had to throw a stick into the metal hole. She got it in!
Before entering the village:
These houses were all removed from their original location and restored. All these houses belonged to kings or members of noble clans during the Joseon Dynasty.You can see the Namsan Seoul Tower from here.
This is a device they used to make rice into powder! We originally thought it was a see-saw haha You can pound 160kg of rice every day!
You step on it like this:
YeJin bought us these puff snacks.
In a kitchen of one of the traditional houses.
I believe this is a crib that rocks back and forth... It's a well. They mentioned The Ring. Therefore, I didn't dare look inside.A stove.
I don't know what he was doing...
The pots behind us held food.
With YeJin ♥
I wish we went in here! This door led to the Seoul Millenium Time Capsule. "600 items that represent Seoul as a city and the life of its residents were sealed inside a time capsule in celebration of Seoul's 600th anniversary as the nation's capital. It will be dug up and opened on November 29, 2394, to celebrate the 1000-year anniversary." Neat eh?!
A short clip of AK demonstrating what Korean sumo wrestlers might have looked like...
The Namsan Seoul Tower is in the background!For dinner, we took the subway over one stop and ate at a restaurant called DongDongEeHalmoni LOL which literally translates to "Fat Grandma". It specialized in jok bal, which is pigs feet! (I love Chinese marinated pigs feet!)How fattening! My KUBA buddy, YeJin, told me that a lot of older people like to eat this because it contains collagen and is good for your skin... and older Korean women (ajummas) do have nice skin...Our first bite of jok bal.
We had to take off our shoes and sit on pillows on the ground. The floor is heated. Thank goodness I wore stretchy bottoms hahahaThey enjoy bets, games, and jokes =P

We were given Seafood Pancake which was delish.
This ajumma was mixing up our cold noodles with her hands before serving. The cupboards behind her held our shoes.
The noodles were refreshing and not spicy. It had jullienned strips of asian pear in it too!Cave men Sunny + AK...
Mami showed us how to make ducks using the towels. Quack
Outside the restaurant -- YeJin is holding the jok bal leftovers.
I can't believe there's valet parking available for this place!
And then I took the bus for the first time!! On the bus, some ajusshi (old uncle man) asked me where I was from and I said Canada... and then he's like (in Korean) "you look Asian"... well gee yes, I am! Hmm..
Fun day! Too short, though -- I've got school tomorrow so I'm going to read my marketing textbook now.


  1. I'm enjoying the suju cd right now =D
    FUN FUN! that place I always see it in dramas and stuff, people take their dates there!LOL

  2. haha yes -- lots of couples there!! But, I think it'd be a lot nicer in the Spring... more plants and such.