Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lotte World

Oops.. It's been over a week since I've been to Lotte World and I still haven't posted the pictures! I went with a bunch of international students from China, HK and Peru!
Lotte World puts people in their happy place 365 days a year from 9:30AM to 11:00PM!
Part of the indoor amusement park (looks pretty cool at night).
You can ride those "hot air balloons" around the indoor park.
This is the Garden Stage Show -- fun dance and musical performances are held here all day.
Their mascots: Lotty and Lorry (happy raccoons)
The theme was a masquerade!
I bought a little lanyard as a souvenir to hold my ticket for convenience because we had to show our ticket before every ride. It wasn't busy at all so we didn't have to wait very long for the rides!Their rides aren't exactly thrillers, but they're all fun anyway =)
Giant Loop! I'm a ride-aholic (meaning, I love rides, I never get tired of them, and want to go on every one), but nowadays, I sometimes get motion sickness ='( Is this a sign of aging? Nooooooo!
This one made me dizzy so I couldn't join them for a second or third round.
They have a parade twice a day with tons of elaborate costumes! Fun for kids, especially.
YouTube video of the parade! I like the theme song.
Random Korean Scots?
In the insect hall....... these huge larvae/worms are live and this little girl had no problem picking them up...
This place is sort of a mix of Disneyland and well-known fictional characters and fairy tales.
Heading over to the Magic Island (outdoor part).
Look familiar?
Gingerbread house. When you go inside, you take a long escalator underground and you're led to a sloooooow train ride (a lot like the Small World ride @ Disneyland) for babies... we sure looked funny sitting in the same train as a bunch of 2 year olds! At least we were looking for something mellow after our lunch... aha
Everyone's favourite ride: Atlantis Adventure!! We rode this one a few times =D
It's a really fast roller coaster ride. You can see the monorail in this picture -- it travels around the whole theme park.More rides!
Gyro Drop =
Just looking at this one (short YouTube vid) makes me feel sick!

Free hugs in Korea!
This park is very couples-oriented. Everyone was either with their significant other, on a double date, with a kids camp, or in a young family. SO they cater to couples... like couple-meal-deals... everywhere!
Waiting for the ghost movie.... don't know why I'm smiling =(

Magic Island (outdoor side) about the same size as the PNE.haha fat Garfield...Leaving Magic Island...
A glow-in-the-dark store where my teeth blinded people.Food is not expensive here unlike most amusement parks -- cotton candy is only 2,000won (like $1.70CDN).. meals are almost all under $6CDN. They have Korean snacks like this peanut buttered roasted squid (really good and I don't like squid).
Lotte World's Adventure Indoor part also holds Korea's largest indoor sports complex with an ice rink (below), bowling centre, swimming pool, and fitness centre.At 9:30 every night, there's a laser show inside! Click here to watch part of it.

Then, just as we were about to leave, I heard some familiar songs in the Garden Stage -- it was a band from the Philippines singing popular Korean songs! A clip of the girl singing Ave Maria (from a Korean movie). Tons of fun, especially 'cause the audience got so involved later on!

I wish I could come here again with ALL my friends from back home -- we would have such a blast!

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  1. whoa wicked peanut butter roasted squid. crazy. though, it sure seems sketchy :P

    wow that is a really really fat garfield.
    wat is with the larvae insect part?!?! does not fit in with "fun" for me at all :(

    haha free hugs!!!! so cool.

    btw, i started getting motion sickness on rides a few years ago. it was a sad moment.