Tuesday, March 10, 2009

See & Taste

Don't have much time for a decent post today as I've got 1 catch-up episode left and some reading to do for class on Thursday, so I'm just going to post some pictures of random things.

This is my absolute favourite caffeinated drink from the convenience store (around 1,100-1,200won). It's "damn good" as Singaporeans would say haha
The best dark chocolate I've ever had! It's a Japanese brand.
I bought these earrings in Insadong. A lady was selling her daughter's handmade jewelry. The little gold tag is the artist's name in Korean.
On the way down to the campus, I always pass by this "house". It looks so lonely, unkept, abandoned, and so out of place... almost haunting in a way, too.
Right next to the "house"... I think they're drying frogs. Twisted... I don't even know if anyone lives in the "house" because those frogs have been there for almost a week now (well, since I've noticed) through the sun, wind, and rain.The subway map. The city is quite accessible but you just have to transfer a lot... and it takes 5 minutes to figure out the most efficient route. You have to ask the man in the subway station booth for maps in English.
At Ewha Girls' University -- candied apples, grapes, and orange things -- 1,000won/stick.
Kayla and I tried candied strawberries =) A fun snack.
Fruit is somewhat expensive here. I bought these apples at a stand around campus (there are many) for 1,000won (approx 86cents CDN) each. Here's to breakfast!
잘 자 Chal ja~


  1. i thought you'd buy the candied grapes! you loooove grapes!

  2. mmm candied strawberries... such a popular asian snack! (the candied fruit) is it any good? or is it overly sweet like candy apples here?

    thanks for putting the drying frogs pic smack in the middle of what seemed to be a pretty yummy FOOD post... T_T

    ooh i love meiji! i remember wen i went to japan i got some of those and meiji was one of my fav brands.. yum

  3. It's tuesday which means! Another episode har har.....
    been watching so many dramas reminds me of my drama crazed days haha.
    I love Kim So Eun, she's so awesome

  4. they have those candied fruits in HK, too!!!

    and i love meiji chocolates, too!!!!