Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheonggyecheon 청계천

Hung out with KUBA buddies after school today! We took the bus (around 15-20 minutes) to Jongno and ate a spicy chicken dish (got to wear aprons again, this time with cute stars on them). There are a lot of restaurants and chain cafes around that area.

Then we visited cheonggyecheon. It's a pretty 5.8km stream where 120,000 tons of water is pumped daily. It was restored in 2005 as part of an urban renewal project and cost around $281millionUSD. Over the next 5 years, another $1.2billionUSD is going to be spent to redevelop the region near the stream both commercially and residentially.
You can cross the stream on stepping stones - how Korean!
They are celebrating a Buddhist's festival (hence the lanterns).Many more pictures to come soon. Must sleep.

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  1. Cause we belong together now yeaaa...
    I'll be seeing you soon! Are you as excited as I am?!?!? =D I bet you are.