Monday, April 20, 2009

Testing My Knowledge

It's midterm week...
Don't I look studious and oh-so-happy?
lol My scarf almost makes it look as though I have some neck injury!

International students got free muffins and flavoured milk this morning =)

The one great thing about midterm week is that you don't attend any of your classes! You just write your midterm. Some lucky int'l students are finished tomorrow so they have the rest of the week free. Quite a few of them are leaving the country for the long weekend.
I had three today. Never in my life have I had so many exams on one day! Two went very well and the last one was disastrous haha but at least everyone else thought so, too. They make you write your essay answers on these HUGE school-branded pieces of paper almost as big as a pillow! AND they don't say anything about turning cell phones off... buzz buzz... so many cells were buzzing.
My next one (I'm dreading) is on Thursday morning -- Operations Management.



  1. Good luck with your midterms! :]
    And.. I might be going to Yonsei instead this summer.... oh well.

  2. LOL your scarf looks HUGE.
    T-11 days!

  3. Cindy: Thanks! Aw what? Yonsei is still a great school, I hear!

    B: haha yes I wrapped it around 3 times so it's like a ring around my neck... for good reason too -- it's good for sleeping on when studying.

  4. hello! I just stumble upon ur blog.. haha^^
    anyway,you seems to have a really great time studying in Korea! I really wanna go and study over there too. =) Nice blog!