Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snip Snip


  1. It looks good =D BUT I must say i am a little shocked you cut your hair short.
    Just cause every time we go you are like trim, I'm only going to trim it cause I want to keep it long.
    BUT it looks really good =D

  2. It looks really cute. Natasha :). Love, Mom.

  3. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why no more FACE ON PICS? i bet you it looks amazinngggg!! SO awesome!!!!! my friend carmen went from mid-back/butt length hair to SHORT BOB and it's SO cool! i think it's SO brave :) takes a lot of guts. it's really quite liberating...WOOOO go you high 5!

  4. just a correction about the marriage age "really" being around 23. this is abjectly false. the 2004 calculations are more accurate. of course college age women will say that 26 is too old. when you're 18, even 23 seems like a million years away. have lived and worked in korea, most people get married closer to 30. the young side would be 25/26 for women and late 20s for guys.