Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quiet Week

I'm back! Midterms are over (for most... I heard a professor didn't even show up for my friend's Investments course so it was rescheduled to next Tuesday!). I like studying, I very much dislike exams.

Whenever I pass this vending machine, there are always at least 4 people in line - even more during exam season! Why?? It sells coffee!
I'm sure we have this back at home but it's definitely not as popular (or as cheap) as it is here. They have many different kinds, all for 100won per cup (10 cents CDN). My classmates always pick the one with cream and sugar in it.
It actually tastes really really good. Only thing, is that you need more than 4 of these cups for the caffeine to kick in.The school ajumma-gardeners planted a ton of beautiful and vibrant flowers all over campus! I took this when I left the LG-Posco business building after my last midterm. Now all we need to do is wait for the grass to grow!
Anyway, now it's time for some fun and relaxation. How do you de-stress? Two words: Retail Therapy. I went on a shopping spree yesterday @ Migliore + hello aPm in Dongdaemun: 7 hours of shopping, a couple hundred.5 poorer, and a happy closet with 12 more items!
A cute ad for hello aPm!
So many cute/chic shoes (at the Underground Shopping Mall)... but they never have my size!
We sat outside to rest our feet for 5 minutes and I observed the steady stream of females leaving this tarot cafe!
I ate at the food court at hello aPm (9th floor) for the first time. They deliver the food to your table and take it away when you're done! Love the service. And I love bulgogi soup! Soups always come bubbling hot in these bowls.The weather forecast for this weekend = rain rain rain! Definitely does not make me want to go outside. I was supposed to go to a baseball game today but it was postponed to Sunday because of the rain. I just want to spend a whole day in a jimjilbang and relax!

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