Monday, April 13, 2009

Olympic Park

I went to a 2 day concert @ the Olympic Park Stadium over the weekend! I'll tell you about the concert tomorrow, but here are a few pictures of Olympic Park. It's so spacious, clean, and well-kept and is a terrific spot for a picnic! It'd be even prettier and greener in the summer.

So sad.. the only full cherry blossom tree I will get to see... I missed the Cherry Blossom Festival!
Chooo chooooooo
One way to get around --
They have public exercise equipment!
On the other side of the park:
! A lone Cherry Blossom tree!
I finally ate Korean "jook" (congee)! We visited a chain jook shop called Bon Juk.
Boys Over Flowers seemed to have popularized the jook houses as the main character, Jandi, worked part time in one in the drama. There were posters advertising some "couple" deals related to Boys Over Flowers.
This was Tiffany's -- crab!
It's not as flavourful as Chinese jook and it costs twice as much, but it's much healthier (no msg)! They even have these crazy flavours like pumpkin!


  1. is that girl in the last pic of the exercise photos holding ice cream while waiting for her guy to finish?! hahaha!

    what flavour jook did you get????

    i love that lone cherry blossom. it looks like a pic nad would've taken!

  2. haha YES and that guy also stole the machine I was heading to try! I was 2 metres away... and he just hopped on.

    I got seafood jook!

  3. your hair still looks black oO

    awww what a lonely cherry blossom tree...
    DUDE i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about coming you don't even know.

  4. ahha yea it looks really dark in no lighting -- it's not noticeable unless i'm in some sort of fluorescent lighting or bright sun in person aha