Friday, July 17, 2009

"That's Not Nice."

One of my friends from the Korea University exchange program posted this link: 8 Ways to Know You're Home for Awhile. I can definitely relate to #5 and somewhat for #8.

I really miss my tuna kimbap with purple rice near KU!
They also sell this snake-like edible thing there. You can also find it in street vendors.
Looks like a sausage...
So on my last day, I tried it. My friend told me what it was before and said that it's pretty tasty when you eat it with dukkbokki (left).
It's apparently intestine! Pork intestine I believe? It looks as though it's made out of a bunch of clear noodles inside. Interesting... it's steamed/boiled right next to some blood and heart, I was told.

It really doesn't taste like much to me. It wasn't disgusting, but it's not something I would buy again haha.

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  1. oh cool! soondae!
    i dont like it at first but its really okay~~
    i havent tried eating it with ddokpokki tho.