Sunday, July 19, 2009

Outsider - Alone

I can't believe it's now been over a week since I've been back! B + M helped me get over my jet lag by making me stay up even though I was tired the other day so now I'm sleeping around 10:30-11:30PM at night and waking up around 7AM. I just gotta push myself to stay awake until 1AM so I can start working.

Just wanted to share a Youtube clip of a popular Korean artist called Outsider (1983). He's quite new to the industry, I think. He's known to be Korea's fastest rapper. This is his performance from earlier today @ Music Bank. I wanted to post the original music video, but it's a bit odd and Outsider is just rapping as he's sitting in the front seat of his car in front of a house almost the whole time.


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  1. hey there!

    i can only say, I JUST LURVE YOUR BLOG!! =D

    by the way, can you tell me what camera do you use for all your photos and what kind of photo editing softare do you use?

    they are way too amazing and look uber professional! ;)

    do reply me!