Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Nothing Dropped."

Came back to Vancouver yesterday around lunch time.
Closed my eyes but didn't sleep a wink on the plane.
Watched 3 good movies (17 Again, Sunshine Cleaning, and a Korean movie called Scandal), 3 funny TV shows, and listened to 2.5 albums (Could have been the lack of bass from my headphones, but besides her hit radio songs, Lady Gaga's album isn't too great :/).
And I only had 2.5 hours of sleep the night before (got home at 5:30AM, woke up at 8AM).
I was sooo extremely exhausted. I don't think I've ever been this tired, unable to sleep in my life.
Went for dimsum with my parents and grandparents after they picked us up from the airport~
Somewhat unpacked, lounged around for half an hour, then crashed really quickly (I didn't realize how much I missed my bed!) ---
Not sure just how much I am jet lagged yet.
I'm still in a daze - I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing with myself for the next couple of days because I don't feel quite with it enough to go out nor do much.

Anyway, I'll still be blogging for about another week or so. I've got quite a bit to catch up on =)

Got a trim, a hair manicure treatment, and my hair colour "corrected" at Fiore in Gangnam. I went there because I got a 50,000won gift certificate when I attended a wine party in Apgujeong a couple months ago.
The place had a minimalist-modern lux feel to it~ It's right next to another upscale hair salon called Red Carpet. I didn't find out until I was trying to find the address of the salon online, but quite a large majority of celebrities go to these two salons. It is apparently the place you go to if you want to run into them. I asked my hair dresser whose hair he had cut and he said Hyori Lee and MC Mong's gf to name a couple. When I was getting my hair done, I was sitting a metre away from a popular Korean talk show comedian and one of the members of an older Korean hiphop/dance group called NRG.
M and I went to a piano recital a few days ago at the Seoul Arts Center.
They have a Miffy Museum/Gallery in one of the buildings!
(By the way, I bought this "ajumma" (old married lady) dress and wore it because Tiffany said that if I did, she would buy me dinner kkkkkk I don't think it looks that ajumma though!)

They had a fountain show that swayed to 15 songs outside which was nice and romantic haha
Almost as magical as fireworks to me -- especially at night when it starts to light up.

As for the recital itself, it certainly wasn't close to the most impressive piano playing we've heard unfortunately. Perhaps the standards back at home are much higher than that in Korea. I did really enjoy one of the movements, though, and was even inspired to learn it. I think people attended more because she is prettier than most piano players ('cause I mean, who else would have such large pictures of themselves on their program?) than her talent/skill. Her name is Kim Hye-Sun.
Her nose is strangely "perfect" according to Korean standards........I'm going back to bed.



  2. Excuse me ,I wanna have hair cut @ the red carpet ,may I ask where it is ?

  3. Anon: sorrrrrrryyyy, I can't remember the address... it's on my Korean cell phone and I can't access it here.

  4. hi, can you tell me the price range in these salons? i want to try cut my hair in one of the salon.. thank you

  5. Hi Arissa, I can't really remember, but it was $150 for cut and colour correction for me with a discount (of around $50-75). Hope you get to try it out! Maybe you'll sit next to someone famous :)

  6. Hi! Don't you remember where is Red Carpet located?

  7. Hey Laura - nope, can't remember.. about a 5 minute taxi ride from Rodeo in Apgujeong though.

  8. Hi, Red Carpet is located at 3/F, 4/F, 648-9 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu....hope you find this info useful.... I'm going to try to have my hair done in the salon this weekend!