Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Little Bit Of Spice

Lotte World (my 3rd time)!
Rode Atlantis twice~~ so fun!
Fish stick goodness.
Stopped by Misarang in Ilsan again~
Love for Paris Croissant bakery! (Different and better than Paris Baguette).
They advertised Silky Pudding so I tried it.
Last full (and most expensive) meal~~
Cucumber Kimchi - super refreshing
We watched Nanta! It's a nonverbal (though they do throw in a few words in English and Japanese in there) cooking comedy much like Jump!!
(oh my goodness - it was raining SO hard that day!)
It's about 4 "chefs" preparing korean food for a wedding banquet within a time limit.
It was very well done -- tons of percussion using all sorts of kitchen utensils and equipment and they added some Korean elements to it. It's actually shown worldwide and it's called "Cookin'" elsewhere. Highly recommended! The theatre was packed -- this show is performed 3 times every day (except Mondays), too! We got to see the White team perform. There's a rotation of 4 or 5 different teams.
Although I really enjoyed this and although they are 2 different kinds of performances, I thought Jump! was a bit more well rounded because its plot was more well defined and had more depth than Nanta's. Nonetheless, the characters in both were hilarious and they really played their parts well.
Fun for the whole family (50,000won).
I have major jetlag haha! I sleep at 7PM and wake up around 2AM and then go back to bed around 4:30 and wake up again at 9:30. Well there goes my night social life until next week. I guess I'll try to start fixing this weird schedule tomorrow.

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