Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busan: Last Day

Our last day was really a half day before we took the taxi back to ride the KTX to Daejeon -- we discovered Shinsegae's Department Store about a 5,000won taxi ride away from Haeundae Beach.
There's a Shinsegae in Myeongdong, Seoul, but the one in Busan claims to be the biggest department store in all of Asia. I guess they have to bring something big and huge to Busan to boost its tourism. Since we only had about 1.5 hours to browse the night before, we woke up early, checked out, and went there with our suitcase. We got to leave our suitcase in the baby carriage storage department on the 7th floor! Excellent service.
Anyway, it's a luxury department store and as much as I love browsing, I couldn't afford too much in the lower levels. They announced a cheaper "young fashion" floor with a similar setup to one of the nicer Macy's Department store sections that sell trendy fashion. Prices range from 25,000-200,000won. I only ended up getting a longer black blazer for 90,000 (they were having a 30% off sale~)! One great thing about Korean sizing compared to ones we find here in Vancouver is the fit of the shoulders. Korean brands are made longer in general and narrower in the shoulders than in Canada.. so I finally found ones that fit! Hurrah!

Shinsegae Department Store (also connected to Lotte Department Store)
One of the reasons why I was excited to visit Busan: the only miu miu in Korea! (I don't believe there's a miu miu in or near Vancouver).
I drooled but did not buy.
They had a nice roof floor
.. with fake bird sounds hahaAnd department store food is always super tasty! They are more expensive than food on street levels, of course, and can range from 6,000-26,000won, but it's well worth it. Good quality stuff - highly recommended! Especially Lotte Department Store's restaurants on the 12th floor, I believe. ^^

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