Monday, July 6, 2009

Busan: Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli Beach is a popular beach in Busan that's lined with cafes and restaurants.
It was perfectly warm, not too breezy, and a bit cloudy at first, and then the clouds disappeared after an hour and we enjoyed a wonderfully "loungy" day at the beach!
Popular among the young crowd --Gotta pay to use the umbrella!
We sunbathed for a while and took a nap and took a dip~Nice + clean beachYou can do a bunch of water sports here, too such as wakeboarding, kayaking, banana boating, and sea-doo racing.

At night~
The street our motel was on -- in the "mass motel" district across from Heundae Beach.
We're back in Seoul, by the way - came back on Sunday and we're back at Banana Backpacker's Hostel in a private double ensuite. Sure is nice not having to wait for the bathroom anymore! I've got quite a bit of catch up to do! After spending 4 days in Busan, we visited my friends and stayed overnight in Daejeon for 2 days before we KTX-ed it back to Seoul. Fun stuff~ update to come! I'm bitten alive by mosquitoes! I've collected quite a few bites yesterday -- on my face, too =( How sad. Our last few days are totally booked up with performances, more shopping (yea I shop a LOT but I never seem to buy much!), having meals with friends, and revisiting our favourite places. I can't believe I'm only here for another 5 days! Chalja~

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  1. Beautiful beach pics, Nat. It's weird to see beach and then in the background all the lights of the city.

    Can't wait to see you when we get back from Hawaii.