Thursday, July 9, 2009

Miso, Not The Soup

We watched a Korean musical at the Chongdong Theater in Seoul on Wednesday night~
It's called "Miso" which means "smile" in Korean and it's a simple love story that develops throughout the four seasons of the year, taking place during the Joseon dynasty.
If you go early, you can dress up wearing various royal costumes~ (We're not in this picture)
The play was a fusion of live singing, drumming, and traditional music!
The costume changes were amazing~
As were these (super duper talented) drummers! They had so much energy and really looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying themselves on stage~~
I think it's pretty amazing how the theatre is packed even though this show runs every day except Mondays~

It was an interesting experience~ I'm glad I went and recommend it to all who want an unoverbearing taste of traditional Korean culture (and if you want to see those beautiful hanboks)!


  1. I wanted very much to see Korean's traditional Buchaechum (Korean Fan Dance). Is it being performed in the MISO Musical? Or should I go to Korea House. Could u advise in this area? Do U enjoy the show? Thank you ;D

  2. Hi there,
    I cannot totally remember, but there were some use of fans in this musical! I enjoyed it - it sure is different from the other forms of entertainment out there. Hm.. to see Buchaechunm, I think its best to go to the info booth in Insadong. They will probably know :)