Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stuck On You

One of the KUBA buddies in my group sent me a copy of our sticker picture scan taken the day of the farewell party~
Sticker picture stores are quite neat in Korea -- there's this one type of booth where you can adjust the height and the angle of the camera.. and many stores have props like afro wigs and huge sunglasses you can borrow for your pictures. After you take the pictures, everyone scurries outside the booth to this large computer screen with 2 sensor pens attached. They have a bunch of frames and stamps you can add to the pictures to personalize it.. and you can even pick pen colours to write messages. Once you've decorated and printed the stickers, you can bring it to the desk and they will put a protective semi-laminated cover on it (it can be matte or sparkly) and cut it for you to share. This particular store in Myeong-dong scans your sticker picture for you (as many people like to crop them and put them on their Cyworld blog) for free.

This is sort of what it looks like before you edit it. You can choose the backgrounds before you take the picture. For this one, we were going down a rollercoaster! Ahhhh!!!!
Even though you take maybe 6-8 different photos, you're only allowed to choose 4.
You can click to enlarge~

I love taking sticker pictures - they're fun and quite a bit cheaper than in Vancouver!

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