Saturday, July 25, 2009


Last time I went to Namdaemun, I saw these street food stands with those plastic chairs and tables under a tarp just like in the dramas! So, we went there to find it but we didn't find any. I guess they're not open on Sundays. We ended up eating something random at this open stand.
I just pointed to a couple skewers and some fish cakes in the broth.
Yea... the skewers looked like chicken but they ended up being gizzards of some sort. I don't mind gizzards, but I really don't recommend this haha.. I was your guinea pig.
Disappointed, we walked over to Myeong Dong..
But not before buying some seaweed chocolate ^^ It's pretty decent tasting! There's only a hint of the seaweed flavour. I also tried kimchi chocolate haha.. oh what a mistake!
He didn't know how to use macro...This lady was selling puppies! She wouldn't let me take anymore pictures after this one... couldn't get a close-up, but they were supercute!
I've been having quite a few dreams about being in Korea recently -- I'm still in a daze that I'm back in Vancouver. Sometimes, I find myself thinking "what do I feel like doing tomorrow? A lazy day lying around the sauna, eating marinated hard boiled eggs and watching StarKing at The Dragon Hill Spa would be great...." and then I remember it's not really possible... darn.


  1. Hello! I stumbled upon ur blog by chance searching for shopping tips and all in seoul as I am planning a trip there. Before I know it, I got so hooked on ur blog, I read every entry because it is so interesting to see Seoul from ur perspective. =) Hopefully if possible, u can recommend me where is a mist shop for wholesale shopping in Korea and a must see or a must eat. =) Thank you! And thank you for sharing so much of ur exchange program in Seoul. Very interesting read.

  2. hi Natasha! thanks for stopping by and giving me all that infos! =D i can see that you are really having a blast in Seoul. it's envyyy!! Haha.
    Oh ya, Ecotools are pretty good! where did you get yours? in Seoul as well? haha honestly, i got those 2 sets but barely even used 3 of them! LOL
    by the wa, i wonder how long would you be in Seoul?
    cuz i am thinking of going Seoul for my next college break! ;)

  3. Pris: Thank you for your comment! I'm so glad other people enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. As for a must-shop wholesale shopping place, the best is in Dongdaemun at Migliore, Hello aPM, Doota (my favourite), and Goodmorning City. They're all located along the same strip and there's something for every style. Tbh, the prices aren't dirt cheap, but you can always bargain. If you want even cheaper prices (but the quality isn't that great), you can go to Edae (Ewha Women's University) - they have a lot of those 5,000-10,000 shops selling oversized tees, dresses, cardigans, shorts and pants... the style can be a bit young, though. And for more unique clothes, you can head over to Hongdae. As for a must eat, I'm a big fan of the food in the upper levels of the department stores 'cause of the nicer atmosphere and the food is some good quality stuff. My favourites out of all the typical Korean foods are gamjatang and bulgogi stew... and of course, beef bbq. I also really recommend the French restaurant in Itaewon next to Kraze Burger for their mussels! I think you should try live octopus for me - there are a few restaurants near Cheonggyecheon River heheh. As for must sees... gosh. I can't choose just a few things :S OH - a sauna!!! You gotta go to a Korean sauna. I'll do a short post about it again! When will you be going to Korea?

    Legalchicness: I got my Ecotools from Superstore! haha -- I've actually been home (in Vancouver) for a couple weeks now.. but I'm still blogging because I've missed quite a few days in the last few weeks because I was too busy to blog. Too bad - it would be neat to meet up! How exciting to go to Seoul, though! You will have lots of fun for sure.

  4. hey~ i was just browsing thru the net and bumped into your blog! I went to SFU too! I was wondering if you know how your friend got her teaching post in korea cos I want to do that too! please email me since i don't have an account with this blog.


  5. Hello Natasha! Thank u for all ur tips and ur fast reply. And also for ur regular blog updates! I look forward to every entry. =) Who knows? I might try a live octopus for u if I feel I'm game for it.. we'll see. Maybe I'll persuade my husband to do it. LOL! When u say the wholesale places are not dirt cheap, what about the range be like and how much should we slash the prices down to when haggling - e.g. 30% at least? And do these places have a min. no. of things u must purchase to be able to get that wholesale price? Okay, I am so going to Edae to check out if I can get my hands on a university blazer that looks close to those in Boys Over Flowers though I have not watched that series yet! =)

    I'm going to Seoul this Sept. If you do not mind, would it be possible for me to write to you directly on Seoul if you are available? I understand you just got back to Vancouver and you're also studying so I don't want to take up too much of your time too. =) My email is (Yes, I am from Singapore!) ;)