Saturday, May 16, 2009


I've been out and about nonstop for the past week, but it's going to come to an end once Bern leaves on Monday -- also because I have a bunch of projects, presentations, and quizzes to prepare for.

What's new with me

Tiffany and I are going to Japan for a weekend (leaving Friday, coming back Monday night) in a couple weeks. I just booked our flight. She got a hold of a couple concert tickets for DBSK's Japanese (Tohoshinki) concert in Fukuoka! I'm estatic to finally see a full DBSK (THSK) concert =)

Misarang ------ Restaurant in Ilsan
A few of us DBSK fans went to Ilsan, a young and happening city outside of Seoul (around 1.25 hours away from where I live), to eat at this Korean pizza and pasta restaurant owned by the father of one of the members (who happens to be my favourite) --
Xiah Junsu.
Apparently most of the customers are fans of DBSK and Junsu... and they definitely showed their love on the walls leading up to the 2nd floor restaurant.
It was really nice! The food was great and his dad was very friendly. He came around to talk to us and then suggested that we take a picture in front of the cardboard cutout of Junsu lol...
I told him that I'm going to Fukuoka and he said he would also be there =) Then, at the end, just as we were leaving, he gave us pamphlets and business cards for their skincare line called
Crebeau-belle owned by Junsu's mother. The office was nearby but by the time we got there, it was closed for the night. We will come again since there's quite a bit of shopping to do around there, too.

Subzero ------ Ice bar in Hongdae
I went there to "chill out" (kkkk get it?) with a bunch of international students. Beforehand, the girls I went with to Jeju treated the guy who helped us plan our trip for dinner and drinks.
Subzero was really neat. It was a bit difficult to find 'cause it's a small room in the basement of some building on a semi-inconspicuous
street. All the furniture, art, and sculptures inside are carved from ice blocks!
It's 15,000won to enter and you are able to pick a drink. You're given a hooded silver tent (poncho/parka) to wear, black fleece gloves, and even Ugg-type booties with pom poms if you're underdressed. I suggest that you wear socks! The clothes have a funky smell to them, but you quickly forget once you walk inside the refridgerator. The ice bar is kept at a constant -15 degrees celcius. I felt as though I was in a giant ice box!

haha cute looking eskimo hoods...
If you get your tongue stuck on an ice block, they have equipment to help get it unstuck real fast.
Next to the sculpture of the thinking man haha
They have mini benches made out of ice (of course) and they are covered with fur.
All the drinks come in these ice blocks! My drink was excellent - the guy forgot (I think) to put alcohol in mine lolWe didn't stay in there too long -- only around half an hour, but it was a really interesting experience + fun ^^

Everland -
A lot of people say that Everland is better than Lotte World because it's bigger and the rides are bigger. Unfortunately, we didn't stay at Everland for long because a couple of us only had 4 hours of sleep and it was sprinkling and the line ups were 1.5 hours long!
We did highly enjoy this roller coaster, though. It's called T Express and that drop you see was amazing.
Long roller coaster, too!Everland is similar to Lotte World in that they have parades and theatre shows, but Everland has more - zoos, botanical garden, animal rides, fireworks...
Don't have to go to Egypt to ride a camel!
@ the gift shop
This is the biggest pirate ship I've been on, but we all got sort of sick afterward (even though it wasn't heart dropping at all and actually moved slower than most pirate ships) that we couldn't ride anymore rides!
So I think I'll have to come to Everland another time!

Yesterday, B and I went on a tour to the DMZ and I took a few steps into North Korea! I've got to do some homework before I leave so I'll tell you my experience tomorrow!


    U're so lucky!
    i really want those tickets but its so hard to get em. x(

    junsu!!! my fav member too!!!

  2. helllo!
    i stumbled upon your blog recently, and i want to say thanks for such an awesome insight korea!
    hope you have heaps of fun and keep updating!

  3. Lynette: haha JUNSU!!

    Cette-amour: Thanks a lot! Korea is such a great place, I love it here!