Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action

After school today, I ventured to Dongdaemun (yea yea... 3rd day in a row lol) but this time by myself because I needed a bathing suit for this weekend. Talk about last minute! I did get one and bargained hard. I got a set for 35,000 which, I think, is pretty good from 50,000! It's a bit hard to find swimsuits in Korea, but I found mine on the basement floor of Goodmorning City. Anyway, my cell phone died while I was on the phone so I went to a convenience store to charge it - he said it would take han shi (1 hour) so I went outside and saw a bunch of people standing in front of a stage that had "2009 Dongdaemun Live Seoul Power Music Concert" or something like that flashing across. It was in front of Cerestar Department Store which is near Migliore. I stood on the side of a pole base along with a bunch of girls and asked them what was happening and they said "2PM!" really excitedly. 2PM is a pretty new boy group with their catchy song, Again & Again. I decided to hang around while I waited for my cell phone to charge.. 10 minutes later, it turned out to be a full fledged fashion show which was exciting ^^
Then there was the concert! This whole thing lasted 2.5 hours. I was really surprised at who performed -- they were the same artists I see every week on the hit music channels on TV!
There were probably 12 different artists/bands -- I recognized around 80% of the songs but only knew about a quarter of the artists' names. Out of the ones I knew, there was Younha, Bae Seul Gi (performed Tiresome), Evan, U Kiss (I really enjoyed their performance - they hosted, too), and 2PM.
U Kiss! Great energy and cute! Some of them can speak English fluently, too.

Younha - wow she can belt it! She sounds even better than her recorded songs. She's a really talented girl - she can play multiple instruments and she writes her own songs. For her first song (I think it's called 1,2,3), she played the piano.
This girl... I don't know her name (can you tell me?) but she was very pretty and could definitely dance sexy haha... and she has a great voice too - she did a balladrap with Evan.
The last (but blurry) picture I took as I squeezed the life out of my battery (it died 99% around halfway through the concert)... 2PM!! Really good performance - got the audience all hyped up and fangirly haha. Jaebeom! Junsu!! I can see how they're so popular..... ^^
Vids to come in a few days -- I'm going to Jeju Island for the weekend!! A vacation within a vacation #1 babyyy!!!!


  1. that (second to the last) singer is SORI.

  2. wow what luck! way to stumble on a such a big event!!
    sigh..vacation within a vacation..nice :P

    nichkhun is super cute!!!
    i'm so envious~ i wanna study in seoul too!
    how many yrs will u be there?

    oh btw, check out my korean celebrities fashion blog if u're interested in korean stuff!

  4. Anonymous: Thanks! No wonder.. the girls behind me kept on saying what I heard to be "Solbi" and I was thinking "what? That's not Solbi!"

    Lynette: Thanks for the link -- neat site! I'm sorry that you have to upload all those photos again -- what a hassle! I'll definitely check it out regularly ;)
    I'm just here until the middle of July but I really really really want to stay longer to learn Korean since I'm on my way already. It would be such a shame to lose the little that I know haha!

  5. hey natasha, i changed my link to already! i really want to learn korean in seoul too! but i guess that will be at least another 2 to 3 years as i'm taking my degree now. x(
    oh i'm from singapore btw! :)))
    what are u studying in korea university? is it difficult to get in? do they teach all in korean? sorry for asking so many qn >.<

  6. Lynette: wow - so many Singaporeans want to come to Korea! I've received a few e-mails from various Singaporeans, too. There's quite a few here from NUS.
    I'm studying Business (marketing + operations management), Korean culture and society, and the korean language here. They have a wide range of courses in English because every student has to take 5 or 6 classes in English in order to graduate. Many students @ KU know English, but at different levels. I'm not too sure how difficult it was to get in. I just applied to my international exchange student program @ SFU (in Canada) and gave them my top 3 choices of where I wanted to go to school and they assign you according to what you're studying and I think GPA (because some schools need a 3.0 min GPA to get in). There were about 3 or 4 students from my school that got into this university. No problem - I enjoy answering your questions!

  7. i believe that girl is suh in young from jewelry...