Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Bern and I got manis in Hongdae on her last Sunday in Seoul (1.5 weeks ago).
I never pamper myself this often back at home. I've had 3 since I've arrived!

We got a gradient style.
Bern's purple gradient - looks like a lotus up close!
Mine is pink @ the tips but it looks peach and skin toned in this lighting.
it looks way prettier in person.
We named our nails lol... I think mine was named after an alcoholic cocktail...I actually still have my polish on and it hasn't chipped or anything. The great thing about this style is that you can grow it out and it won't show because the section closest to your cuticle isn't coloured - it's only painted with clear polish.

It was neat how they applied it. I would never have thought of it. I chose my tip colour and they chose the other 2 colours and painted a strip of each colour on a piece of tinfoil. Then they used a sponge that's a little bigger than a sugar cube and dipped it into the paint starting from one side and then lightly patted it onto my nail! Super easy. They even gave us a few sponges so we could save money and do it ourselves at home ^^

These were my inspiration - I showed the manicurists these pictures on my Cenix. I originally wanted to get these colours but I thought it would be a bit too flashy for everyday wear and they didn't have the right shade of gold.
A possible future gold colour lust - called Nefertiti! Where can I find lippman collection in Vancouver?
Korea makes all of my girlfriends way girly-er than they are at home. So many of the girls who never ever wear polish at home wear nail polish all the time here! Every third day is a new colour. I think it's because we're constantly observing the way Korean girls carry themselves... so put together and feminine. Korean girls do it so simply, too. When they do their nails, it's almost always just one colour. Only sometimes will you see a bit of nail art and fake nails.

You would never see this:
A little overboard, eh? That is a picture of one of Florence's friends in Taiwan. I don't know how she could type or text!

This is my super cheap-o nail polish collection in Korea ---
From this new cosmetic brand called Nature Republic:
The 4 on the right were on sale for only 1,000won each! I'm going to try doing the gradient with them... hmm but maybe I should wait for Bern to do it for me... so I can match them with the colours I have at home, too.
From The Face Shop:
The one on the left is a pretty colour for my toes! It goes with everything.
My roomie has a great, juicy shade of red from this brand.
You should see some of the girl's collections here in the dorm.. I think they own almost the entire collection from one of the stores.

Presentations went pretty well today. I especially thought my Marketing group members did an excellent job presenting. They spoke very clearly and slowly and with confidence. So proud! The professors were impressed. I'm totally procrastinating on doing my Operations Management homework right now ><;;... 1 more day to survive and then I can have fun and relax! AJA!


  1. wow even i really like the gradient!!! i would do that in blue (of course) and maybe w/o the sparkles :D ... i really have to practice painting mine because it always ends up horribly messy!!! sigh.

  2. I got my nails done all the time when i was in korea last summer too...
    but now i'm back in England and its too expensive here and they don't do graudation ㅜㅠ
    SOO... i do graduation on my nails by myself now
    its pretty easy. It looks nice with hot pink and peach or white and peach as well :)

  3. LOL I didn't recognize my hand at first and I was looking at it like HEY that person has the same ring as me...for some odd reason I thought it was yuor hand at first....HAHAHAHAH

    DID i tell you how lucky I was at the airport when I was coming home?!?!?!?!??!?!

  4. omgg nature republic nailpolishes!!>.<"

    they're gorgeous i was wondering where did you get them? online?~ i wanna stock up but korea is so farrr=[

    if possible please msg me?^^

  5. Wow! Your nails look amazing. What is the average cost of a manicure in Seoul? In Ho Chi Minh I usually pay 40,000 VND or $1.95 USD.

  6. Thanks, Sydney! haha nono it's not cheap like china or vietnam. That mani was a little over $25USD because it's more custom. The ones from Dongdaemun are around $8-10.