Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scuba Dooba

Finally got my scuba diving pictures from Jeju!
Bern and her instructor buddy with their gear on. Heavy stuff! Hana (1)... dul (2)... set (3)... jump!

Testing the water out. I couldn't sink even if I tried! haha
Underwater! Coral feels rubbery!Feeding the fish!
Doesn't Bern look like the pink Power Ranger?
Sunbathing afterwards! I'm disturbing the little shell-like things in the crack.

Some random pictures:
The bar/karaoke/cafe district in Insadong (looks a lot like Gangnam's IMO).
MC Yoo for Giordano! haha such a fun ad.
My new ID bracelet I got personalized with my name in Korean. The bird cage thingy is my newish phone charm. The bird has fallen off now haha.
I'm still waiting to get a hold of some more pictures of the DMZ before I tell you about our tour!

This week is KU's school festival week. There's a lot happening around the central public square all day and night. Last night, I joined KUBA to drink beer + eat Korean pub food on the floor using mini cardboard boxes as tables. There was loud music (almost club-like) and a stage with performances and street food along the sides. Quite interesting! During the day, there are different companies promoting their image through contests and games (like the claw game! I failed...) and giving away samples if you sign up.
On Thursday, there will be a concert about a block down from my dorm. It's called Ipselenti. All the major universities in Seoul hold concerts during this time and it's sort of a competition to see who could get the best artists.
There's rumours of popular Korean singers to perform such as Super Junior and 2PM... but different sources say different things. I would assume who performs has to do with the wealth of the university. Apparently SNSD (a girl group with 9 members) costs 12 million won (a little under $12,000CDN) for one peformance... and if they want Yoona (a member of SNSD who is currently acting in a drama), they would have to pay another 5 million! That's a bit ridiculous, though... My KUBA buddy got me a ticket so I'm looking forward to it! There's a few people camping out in front of my dorm... like they're literally using tents and have been there for 2 days already! People told me they're queing up for Thursday's concert...... really??

Yesterday was Adults Day. What is it, may you ask? It's a day where girls get flowers, perfume, candy, and kisses from their significant others if they are 20 (in Korean years). There were so many girls walking around with pretty single roses! It's pretty much another White Day! Lucky Korean girls.

Hmm so because of the Swine Flu scare, some Japanese concerts in the Kansai area have been postponed! But... Fukuoka is a whole island away... shouldn't be a problem, right?

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