Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Big Picture

Cafe Pascucci in Myeong Dong! I love this cafe and its Green Tea Lattes.
People-watching on a Tuesday on the 4th floor of the cafe:
A typical street food vendor selling dukkbokki (rice cake), some sort of fish cake, a dark sausage, and some animal liver of some sort I have yet to try.
A couple more pictures from Cheonggyecheon w/ KUBA
Lotte Department store restaurant (11th floor) @ Myeong Dong. Really tasty food (and reasonable, too) and a chic atmosphere!
Mexican food on Thursday in Itaewon.
Itaewon is basically a district where foreigners hang out. It's teeming with foreigners - I felt as though I was at home.
Thursday = ladies night at BricX = free drinks. BricX is a popular hookah bar.
Sports Day with KUBA buddies was canceled because of the rain, but some people played games anyway.
On Sat, T and I met Bern at Dangsan and we got her settled in a bit at her office tel type apartment (it's really small but I can imagine myself living there)! Then we cabbed to Kangnam where we ate BBQ and then cabbed again to Club Eden at the Ritz Carlton. Great atmosphere and people - it was absolutely packed. We spotted a few actors and singers. If it wasn't electronic/house music, it would have been perfect.
Lotte World on Sunday ~ (no picture)

I had a class yesterday. My other two classes were canceled because it was called Sandwich Day -- in between two holidays (Buddhist + Children's Day) but after, we made a pit stop to Myeong Dong to exchange and deposit money and then cabbed to COEX (a metropolitan shopping mall + entertainment centre) to meet my friend Jessica from my Japanese class last semester @ SFU. She's now teaching English in Daejeon and came up to Seoul for the weekend. So happy to have gotten to see her! We ate dinner, shopped around COEX for a bit, took sticker pictures, and sang at Everysing in Apgujeong.
For any DBSK fans -- Yunho + Yoochun took pics @ this sticker picture place in COEX.After Everysing, we went to Dongdaemun and shopped until 4AM haha
Fun fun fun~ ^^


  1. gahh~ reading your blog makes me want to go to korea SOON! but by then.. it'll be all nasty and hot.
    i have a question~
    everysing looks really nice... but are the prices there fair? are they similar to other noraebangs?

  2. hello!
    came across your blog while doing some random googling~
    you are studying in korea uni?
    its so cool! i always wanted to study there...
    do you speak korean?


  3. clarification question: what exactly is this said "sandwich day"????

  4. Cindy: oh my goodness it's already getting really warm and humid! I cannot believe people are still wearing long pants and long sleeves. I think they look crazy but I think they think I'm crazy in my short shorts and short sleeves haha
    Everysing is wonderful! Great service (all their drinks are good too, but priceyish) -- and yes it's cheap I think! Around 15,000 for a small room for 1 hour but they end up giving you another hour so... 2 hours for 15,000!

    Lynette: Thanks for the comment! Yes I'm studying at KU -- it's a great school - I really like it here. I hardly knew any Korean before I came here a little over 2 months ago, but I've been learning at school at a Beginners 1 class and I can now hold a short conversation haha.. I practice my Korean when I go shopping (which is often!) and sometimes to Taxi drivers :)

    Cass: haha it's the day (that's sandwiched) between 2 holidays: Buddhist's Day (Sunday) and Children's Day (Tues) and since Children's Day is a national statutory holiday where Children get gifts (ridiculous.. I know... everyday is pretty much Children's Day!!), some ppl get the Monday (sandwich day) off, too!

  5. Hey jw, is it hard to go around Seoul and other places if u don't know that much korean (just basics; yes, no, thank you)??

  6. KoreanWannabexD: It's quite easy, actually. They have their maps in English. Just take a few minutes to know where you need to transfer on the Subway. By taxi, it is a bit more difficult, but try to say the location in Korean even if it's choppy/accented. If anything, you can point to the location.

  7. Hi Natasha!
    I'm studying abroad in Korea now! At Yonsei! The Caffe Pascucci no longer exists in Myeongdong anymore! so sad :( it's not a Natures Republic, comsmetic store! as if korea needs another make up store! But I hope you've been well! You're blog has been great for me!

    thanks for blogging about all your experiences!


  8. OMG~~ I am definitely going to look for that sticker photobooth the next time I go back to Seoul ; I've been to CoEx only twice (because both were just 5-day trips) and didn't really have time to go around;
    I seriously can't waittt to go there again and actually explore~~ OH PHOTO BOOTH YUNHO AND YOOCHUN TOOK PHOTOS IN, I WILL SO, SO FIND YOU! haha ^^
    Thank you so much for your entries<3