Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Tight Squeeze

I finally bought a pair of shoes here! I could have never imagined how difficult it would be to find shoes that fit me. In American sizes, my feet fit a 8.5. It's considered normal for my height (5'6). Shoes I want are made in my size and sometimes they're even sold out. It wasn't easy, but I even bought around 4 or 5 pairs when I was in Taiwan and HK... but HERE! Especially since the average height is taller than the rest of Asia, you would think they would make larger-sized shoes, too! The "standard" largest size here (meaning the ones you can find at any regular shoe store in Myeongdong, for example) seems to be a 250 - equivalent to a size 8. Only once in a while will they have size 255 for very specific styles... and even when they do, those in the same situation as me snatch them so they're sold out by the time I get to them. The Koreans I've met who have size 8+ feet say they need to order from the States, wait until they travel abroad and go on a shoe shopping spree, or custom-make their own shoes.

I've always been a big fan of Fashion Toast's heel collection. I guess this could be considered a toned-down version of what she would have... and another lovely addition to my shoe collection
that makes it seem as though I have a regular night job..........
It's leather :)
Wouldn't have minded if they added another half inch in the front + heel.
I wore them around while shopping last night to break them in.
Andddd these are a few other things I picked up yesterday...
  • Skin Food: Gold Caviar Emulsion (they seem to love emulsions here). I'm replacing my Bio-Oil with this as my moisturizer for night because it's a lighter alternative for the summer.
  • The Face Shop: Orange Mint Foot & Heel cream - to get babysoft feet
  • The Face Shop: nail polish in 2 shades of red
  • Nature Republic: Deep Sea Algae Mask -- Chlorella + Sea Tangle + Seaweed. This mask heats itself up on your face! I didn't expect that.

They sure are generous with the samples here. It's bad (for me) 'cause I try them and like them and then go out to buy... I've been pretty good with skin care and beauty products though -- haven't bought much.... yet.
These are the samples I got just from buying the emulsion and the foot cream!
Skin Food gets the trophy for having the most interesting products...Jetting off to Fukuoka, Japan in a few hours! Going to try to find a Hello Kitty mask to wear..
Be back Tuesday -- have a great weekend!

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