Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Hot

Yesterday, we went to Seoul Station to buy KTX (train) tickets for next week. On Monday, we're going down to Busan for 4 days and then we're going to Daejeon to visit my friend for a couple days. It was pretty hot so we decided to spend the hottest time of the day indoors at a jjimjilbang (sauna)!

This one is known as one of the best in Seoul - called
Dragon Hill Spa located next to I'Park mall at Yongsan.
It's really well known - quite a few popular Korean variety shows were hosted there.Locker rooms
It was huge -- 7 floors of gender-separated saunas, restaurants, wet saunas, outdoor salt pools, an arcade, and spa services such as full face threading, eyelash extensions, body scrubs, massages, skin cupping etc. The unisex sauna was on the 1st floor. The facilities at this jjimjilbang were a lot nicer than the one I went to at Anam. The 39 degree had a decent-sized flat screen that played Starking (love that show) but the temperature was so comfortable, I ended up taking a nap on the marble floor. The 69 degree pyramid was too hot to stay in for long because the floors burned every part of me that touched it. The 57 degree was pretty like the one at Anam with pink hued pebbled floors. Of course, I loved the "penguin" room as I dubbed it. It was 9 degrees but the sides of the wall were frosted over with snow and there was even a couple snowmen in it! And then there were 2 actual kilns that had doors so small you had to crouch down to get in. Those were intense and everyone was dripping by the time they went out. Can't wait to go again.. I love jjimjilbangs~

Then at night, we met up for some drinks with some exchange students + locals -- a really fun night ^^ we went to sing at a norebang after and were totally blown away by the voice of In-Young!
Coex -- so cute!!

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  1. It's Friday =D YAY
    The countdown for your return begins...
    HEY Diana and I signed you up for that seminar thing.
    TOO bad you're tkaing it =P