Monday, June 15, 2009

One Sweet Day

The official final exam week has commenced. I don't think you could really guess from the pictures below, though! haha ^^

All the CJ dorm students got to pick up free muffins and flavoured milk in the morning for breakfast. I chose a chocolate muffin and a coffee Seoul milk carton and obviously devoured it too quickly to take a picture [oink].

Then, at 2PM, we had our Korean language final (which went very well). Our teacher told us to stay for 15 minutes afterward because she had something for us (so nice!) -- she bought us a dduk cake! Dduk is glutinous rice flour and it's traditional food usually eaten at weddings or birthdays or any sort of celebration.
I believe this one is the steamed version because it was warm. It was very dense - it really reminded me of a dense bao. It wasn't "shingowoyo" (bland), but it wasn't "dalayo" (sweet) either. The professor says that it has a lot of calories in it and that eating a slice is like eating a bowl of rice lol....
The raisins on top spelled out "jong kang", which, I believe she said, is something related to the end of something...
They ran out of aluminum foil by the time I got my piece haha so I ate on a test paper.
I was just looking at some goofy videos I took from the class throughout the semester earlier this morning. We had lots of fun - I'll miss you, Korean Beginner's level I!
Bich, Albeta, Benny, + Vivi ^^

And then when I got back to the dorm, my friend calls me and says she has a surprise for me:
A good luck cupcake from the new cupcake store down the hill!
Strawberry mousse topping~
It was absolutely divine and totally made my day That act sure reminded me of certain someones from home

OH and there's a Gossip Girl Party happening at Eden this Thursday (18th) -- dress to impress and I'll see you there! xoxo
I ate so many sweets today you'd think I would have had a sugar rush, but even after 2 coffees, a nap still seems to be calling my name..............

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