Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Vacation Has Officially Begun.

My OM final went much better than I thought it would, phew. But now, I don't know what I'm going to do with my textbook because it's so heavy, I don't want to bring it home. My friend suggested for us to make a bon fire and have all the international students throw their textbooks in -- sounded like a good idea at that moment!

I did a shop at Dongdaemun while everyone else was packing, finishing up their exams, or writing their final papers. It was nice~ I finally got to explore the new Doota! Fashion Is War building!
It's a very clean and modern store that's set up like the other shopping complexes in that each floor caters to specific segment groups.
The clothes in Doota! are better quality and more stylish in a chic way than ones like Migliore and Hello aPM. Prices range from 32,000-230,000won for women's clothes compared to Migliore's approx. 5,000-50,000won.
I didn't buy anything though I really liked quite a few things.
Designer(ish) family matching tees~
The accessories floor -- Didn't take many pictures last night:
Chipmunk loves fresh&hot cheese naan...
This paht bing su (shaved ice + ice cream dessert w/ fruit + red bean + mochi) is made for 2 ppl but 4 shared.
The coffee cake (Julie loves coffee) we picked up @ Tous Les Jours.
With the birthday girl

The last time I'm going to see my main competition in Korean beginner's class
kk we had fun.

Street food! It was delicious - marinated skinless chicken alternated with green onions... but I asked him if it was "mewoyo" (spicy) and he said "ahn mewoyo" (not spicy). Pssh to him it wasn't spicy -- I could barely finish it.

Going to pack and then go shopping~
Tonight's farewell party.... will be great.

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