Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Big Kit-Kat Sort of Break

Took a "little" break last night and had a girls night out in Itaewon. I was a bit hesitant to go out because of my upcoming finals this Monday, Tues, and Wed (which is why I couldn't make it out to Eden last Friday), but yesterday morning I checked my KU e-mail and found out that my Tuesday (OM) final is now on Thursday! That makes me kind of sad because that means my last final will end on a sour note lol but whatever! I'm on exchange haha
So anyway I'm so glad I went out after being so cooped up in the Anam area for almost 2 weeks 'cause I had such a great time! ^^
The original plan was to just go eat at a French restaurant - one of the girls from France went there and said it was authentic. I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but it was right next to Kraze Burger on the main street haha. It had an open patio feel to it and closed off from the street by airy cotton sheets. I really felt as though I was in some European country which was a nice change of scenery~All the servers and customers spoke English... well, then again, we were in Itaewon (foreigner central). There were a lot of menu items to choose from (prices range from 15,000-36,000won) from duck to steak, salads, salmon.... and I wanted it all (because all I've been eating for the past couple of weeks were instant noodles, pasta, kimbap, and at random Korean restaurants around Anam)... but almost all of us settled on having mussels and shared a couple bottles of wine.
I chose one with garlic, cream, and aioli sauce. They were the best mussels I've ever had.The point when I got fullIt was a really lovely meal! I must come here again.
Then, to go with the French theme, we decided to end our night by eating dessert. We walked so slowly to get there (even though it was only a couple blocks away) because we all knew we would have to go back to CJ to study... and who wants to do that? We went to a French bakery that specialized in pies in some quaint alleyway but because we walked to slowly, the bakery was almost closed so we ate our brownies, cookies, and (my) strawberry rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream outside. Yum x 100.Then of course none of us still wanted to study so we walked over to the "tropical lounge" called the Bungalow in Itaewon's back alleyway.haha what a place! It's a 3 story bar and they had these open rooms with a bunch of basket swings and rope swings in them and soft sand that completely covered the ground. Chill and cozy! I think they even have some mini whirlpools outside. The DJ spun a mix of Spanish salsa and popular dance hits new and old.
Lots of "exotic tropical drinks" on the menu but a bit on the pricey side.
Mojitos + strawberry daquiris ~
Dance+ sheenaaaa
It sure looks quiet and peaceful without people in the picture
We finally got the place to ourselves -- a really great place to hold a party ^^Then we stepped out of the room and danced the night away on the empty floor to classic dance songs. After the end of the first song, the floor was packed with other people.

Good fun.

I remember the last time I visited Itaewon, I wasn't too impressed. But now, I have a new found love for that district. I think it's fantastic how you can easily "transport" yourself into so many different atmospheres and cultures in such a small vicinity!

For anyone interested and who will be in Seoul on June 27th -- all white dress code @ M2 in Hongdae.
And now I'm going to do a load of laundry and plop myself down at a nearby cafe to study!


  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog! :)
    I would really love to go to Seoul as well
    haha mostly because of those addicting
    Korean dramas!!!!

  2. natasha eng can you please send me the ice bar pictures (i forgot if we took any other pics that day, but if there were those ones too) when you have the time! i knoow you're busy studyingggg

    thanks my dear!

  3. Elizabeth: Aw thanks for the comment! hehe did you watch Boys Over Flowers too? Lee Min Ho's face is EVERYWHERE! So handsome ^^

    Bern: Will dooooo!! Good procrastination kk