Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So I guess it's time to say goodbye

I just wanted to thank you for reading my entries -- especially to those who have left comments and kind words and who have written me e-mails. I have enjoyed writing about my travels, adventures, and thoughts immensely! You have all inspired me to continue travel blogging in the future and I can't wait to share my next journey with you. I would also love to read yours too so if you're going to travel to a fascinating place or if you want to show me your city or country, leave me an e-mail or comment with a link to your webpage :)

A huge thank you goes out to my friends for sleeping over with me the night before my flight and seeing me off at the airport, for visiting me and bringing me some things from home, for supporting me on my decision and keeping me from being homesick by Skyping with me and updating me with home happenings...

And last but not least, my parents! I cannot thank them enough. Ever since I decided to come, they never once told me I couldn't or shouldn't. In fact, they helped me research for it, they supported me emotionally - especially when I thought that maybe 5 months away from home was more than I could handle (hah.. it seems like nothing now!), they supported me financially tremendously, and anything I would happen to want or need, they would help me without batting an eye. Without them, I would not have been able to achieve one of my dreams to go on exchange

Now, I think about Korea every day and miss how much of a home it had become - I still have dreams about being there! I do plan to go back - probably not within the next couple years, but soon enough. Plans on teaching English abroad after I graduate has kept me daydreaming....... :)



  1. i really enjoyed reading your blog. thanks!

  2. thanks for keeping this blog alive and documenting your trip! will the blog stay open?
    i plan to travel to korean in 2011.. so hopefully I'll be able to refer back to this blog when researching for places to visit :)

  3. As long as blogger stays alive, so will this blog! Ooo 2011! If you have any questions or anything, let me know ^^

  4. So will you be blogging else where?

  5. Ms. K: I do plan on setting up a blog that I will frequently update hopefully in November! Will let you know when I do~

  6. hi
    love your blog, was a faithful reader, you make me want to fly over korea and you also makes me hungry.

    when you have a new blog I will be happy to check it too

    good luck for the future

    wihing you all the best

  7. Sabrina: hahaha my blog makes you hungry! You know, quite a few ppl have told me in person how many FOOD pictures I have.. like "gosh, you eat a lot!" haha but seriously, I gotta eat everyday + i like variety! Thanks for reading :)

  8. ^^ I hope you don't mind me asking, but how much did you spend while staying in Korea? Would be able to give me a rough estimate? If you can't then dw :) Just curious because I wanna know how much to save/ work towards..

    hope you can help!:D

  9. Nope not at all :)
    Well here is the general breakdown in Canadian dollars:
    Flight round-trip from Vancouver: 800
    Dorm at KU for 4 months: $10 per day.. around 1250 (a double)
    Hostel: $17 per night if you share with 5 other ppl -- private double ensuite is $40 per night (for 2 ppl.. so $20 each)
    Transportation: I used the subway or taxi every day.. I would say around $5 per day depending how far you go - it is pretty cheap.
    Train ticket (KTX) down to Busan from Seoul and then back to Daejeon is $50 or $60 I cannot remember.
    Food: You can survive on $10 per day for 2 meals - $15 per day to be very comfortable
    Other spending money: This is probably quite a lot for some people but I love to shop.. I probably spent 2.5-3G on clothes and souvenirs, entertainment, electronics, CDs,.. amusement parks, cosmetics.. in 5 months
    I guess this is a very rough estimate but hope that helps you a bit!

  10. thanks! this really does help! I love to shop too!.. which is definitely a bad thing for my wallet T_T

    thanks again <3 good luck for whatever you decide to do next ^^

  11. Great blog! I'm hoping to do exchange to Seoul in two years time~ Your blog really helped! ^__^ Thanks,

  12. Thanks, Stuss! Great choice, you'll have a great time in Seoul for sure!

  13. Hi Natasha

    I was recommended to visit your blog, and after spending the last 20 min or so, I'm loving your stuff.

    I'm currently starting an asian blog project and was wondering whether you would like to participate in some form. I am in the process of collecting all the email addresses from fellow bloggers who I think would be interested in the project, and then I will send a mass email to everyone to describe the project and to gauge the level of interest.

    If you could spare a few min and email me so I have your contact, and I will send you more details.



  14. AH!
    it's sort of sad how your blog is ending... not really, but sorta...
    anyways, i really enjoyed reading your blog over the past year, and i found more things to do while I was in korea this summer and you even helped me with some of my questions about KU, so thank you!
    By the way... it's the same cindy as always, hahaha.
    Your blog was always something I looked forward to reading, and i hope you keep traveling and doing the things you want to do in life!

  15. haha Cindy you never told me about your trip! What did you end up doing in Seoul? How did you like KU? Whew must have been hot when you were there! Did you document your trip? E-mail me when you have time at ^^ Hope you keep traveling, too!

  16. I randomly stumbled upon your blog today while randomly googling, and to be completely honest, I love reading your entries. You're such an inspiration to the many of us who want to someday study abroad. You seem to have had so much fun, and reading this last entry kind of makes me sad even though I wasn't reading while you were actually IN Korea. ^^" Well, yeah. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog. :)

  17. Hey! Ok well my family is going to Seoul and places around that for a holiday, can you give me some tips of where are the hot places I should go? I deffs wanna go to Lotte World because Snsd went there for a Mtv show :L

  18. Thanks, Candice!

    haha well with the family, I think it'd be fun to try out their sauna (jjimjilbang) and then go shopping in Myeong Dong (has something for everyone). Lotte World would be fun, too :) I also really recommend the super popular non-verbal performances: Nanta or Jump! (I loved them both - super hilarious and for all ages and they're often sold out even though they have 2 or 3 shows per day - but I think Jump! has more of a story) and there are some traditional things such as visiting a palace or going to see a traditional show. There's also a history museum that's apparently quite good at Lotte World to cover the whole museum/history experience. Hongdae is pretty neat and so is Dongdaemun for shopping. Gotta definitely check out the coffee shops - some are so neat. If there's anywhere else, I'll let you know :) When are you going?

  19. didnt you go to like a teddy bear muesuem or something? are there any other interesting muesuems like that? perhaps...a candy one? haha, er..think during korean spring time when the weathers not to bad :P

  20. oh yea I did - that's in Jeju Island - you think you're going to go there?
    Oh you can see the Cherry Blossoms too - I missed out on that :(

  21. hello.. i'm Esther.. i found out ur blog while google-ing nail salon in seoul..hehe..very nice blog!!
    i am going to korea soon.. for studying korean language..alone! but i never been there before!!
    there are so many things i want to know..
    would u mind if i ask u many questions?? >v<

  22. Hey Esther, thanks for dropping by!
    Yea sure you can e-mail me at :)

  23. Wow, I love your blog! ^__^ It makes me want to fly there right now Haha,
    I think I'm planning on doing exchange next year, do you know if they have Year 13 (Form 6) ?? Or is it straight to University after Form 5? ^__^ Your blog's been a huge help.. I'm doing a blog right now kind of like yours except a guide to New Zealand : P, Thanks for the blog, It's awesome ^__^ x

  24. Babo_x: lol are you a "babo"?
    I don't believe they have a year 13, so they go to Uni after Gr 12. I'm glad you enjoyed the blog ^^ I'll check yours out, too!

  25. Haha, no I'm not actuallt babo :P Its my nickname given to me by Korean friend.^__^
    Do you think the education there is harder than at the school you attended at home? : )

  26. Babo_x - I thought it was somewhat comparable but now that I got my grades back, it's easier at KU than my home university! As for the work load, it is somewhat quite a bit less, too, and they don't expect as much. At my home university, it is required to attend and participate in tutorials, which is how we gain a deeper understanding of the material and readings and do presentations, but they didn't have tutorials at KU

  27. I remember when I was in Seoul, not as a student, but teaching secondary school students. Quite interesting to read up on your adventures there. I was there the same time you were, brings back so many memories XD

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  29. hi there, im interested in going on exchange to KU as well for Spring Semester. i am going to major in management and marketing. what subjects did you take in Ku? and what subjects would you recommend me to take? thank you!

  30. Hi Ateequah, wow - I happened to take both marketing and operations management at KU which are both very relevant to your major! I definitely recommend marketing but you've probably taken it before at your university. I had a really good experience in that class. My professor's name had "Ryu" in it... I heard that he was the best professors at KU so if you can get into any of his classes, you will enjoy it for sure. I recommend taking a Korean language course just for fun. It will really enhance your experience in Korea! Have fun ^^

  31. Hi! I happened to stumble upon your blog while searching for photos for CJ I-House. I hope you'll see this comment!

    I'm going to KU for exchange the coming semester and actually, I was wondering which Korean classes you took? Did you take the ones from KLCC or from KU's general courses? Did you have to pay for them?

    Thank you! :)

  32. i enjoy reading your blog! stumbled upon it when i was searching CJ international dorms. (: i hope you're still blogging elsewhere and could really use with advice at KU since i'll be going there next year. xD