Saturday, August 15, 2009

DBSK - Picture of You (Afterglow)

My favourite Korean music group, DongBangShinKi, came out with a new music video for their Korean song, Picture of You (Afterglow). The song is actually pretty old - it's from their Mirotic album (Sept, 2008). It's a beautiful song written by Junsu (one of the members)..... he's one talented guy.

I want his dog, Xiahky (a Samoyed).
Anyway, the video was shot earlier in the year in Saipan. The concept is kind of cheesy at parts, but... the boys look good! I love listening to DBSK harmonize! Unfortunately, I couldn't find a HD music video with English subs.... so this one will have to do! Yay~
Thanks, Soompi!


  1. He/she seems so thirsty ^_^ sweet picture.

  2. The doggie looks like the dog in the animation movie "Bolt". =)