Friday, February 27, 2009

Milkshake, Lemon Juice, Strawberry Ice Cream

I've got a cold... that's what I get for only getting 5-6 hours of sleep every night... and for freezing half the night away. I'm missing club night right now b/c of it. The last Friday of every month is club night where girls don't have to pay cover OR you pay $20 and you get this wrist tag and you can go club hopping around HongDae... not sure which.

Today I handed in my course registration sheet. I've signed up for 5 courses but I'm going to drop one history/culture course:
- Marketing Management
- Management Accounting
- Beginner's Korean Language 1
- Contemporary East Asian History (a 400 level course.. not too sure about this one)
- Korean Culture + History

I wanted to take a sports class like skating, yoga, badminton, or even water skiing but they all conflicted with my Korean Language course (that I really want to take). I wouldn't get credits for the sports classes but they'd be fun anyway!

Just came back from dinner in HongDae + half a day of shopping in Myeong-Dong. I'm most probably going back to Myeong-Dong tomorrow and/or Sunday. I didn't buy anything today! Myeong-Dong is absolutely HUGE. Now it really really reminds me of Taiwan's Ximen Ding with trendy brand-name stores and boutiques lining the sides (an outdoor mall) and tons of vendors that sell food or socks, leggings, or knock-off sweatshirts except WAAAY more crowded and filled with WAAAY more stores.. like they have 3 Adidas's, probably 5 or 6 Starbucks... I wonder if I'll ever finish it! People have sad they've gone there 17 times and still have not visited every part. They also have a more expensive side - a mall with LV, Gucci, and pretty much all brand luxury brand names available... but their prices are jacked up so high! We subway-d to HongDae which is full of restaurants and cafes and some clothing stores. It's also full of night clubs.

More pics from Wed night:
Julie (from Alaska - extr. entertaining story teller + is half Korean but you would never have guessed + can speak Korean), Yoko from Japan who I met that day, and the very outgoing Kayla from Rhode Island =)
Yea...... Yoko says that this "pose" is the latest "cool" pose in Japan... I learned today that it means love..?
I've uploaded 2 videos on YouTube from that night too. These are performances by the group House Rulez.
Captivating =)

Oh man I'm falling asleep at the laptop...... must continue this tomorrow.
To come: more campus/dorm pictures, food! of course, Seoul City Tour, and just more people =)

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  1. Natty!! looking at all of this makes me want to travel, even to korea :) haha..i'm glad you're having tonnes of fun!!! - diana